About Us

Democracy Delivered exists to serve its members by providing a mechanism to identify, discuss, prioritize and address issues that face humanity.   We exist to support humans that believe in “Human,” which means all humans are created equal and share in the right to voice matters. Democracy Delivered connects businesses with people, people with people which equals opportunity.

What distinguishes Democracy Delivered and makes it appealing to businesses and individuals alike, is the organization’s ethos and unique structure. Unlike corporations that are fixated on revenue generation and how it benefits upper management, Democracy Delivered is a cooperative venture. When the company does well, all participants within our network benefit through profit sharing.


Businesses use Democracy Delivered to get “eyes on” their products and services with the ability to sell as well.  These valued companies rely on Democracy Delivered’s network of internet users for unfiltered feedback on their products and services.  They will  receive input from real people of every age, race, gender, religion and income level (with the potential to reach consumers in different languages and countries).

Democracy Delivered responders join the team and then can do as much work in as many areas as they wish, contributing their personal expertise in short, easy tasks that can be done in just a few minutes a day. Examples include completing surveys, shopping,  answering yes/no questions, rank-ordering items by preference, and responding to short questions. This work is a way to leverage the time that people already spend on computers and phones, allowing anyone to participate – even those with limited time and resources.

Democracy Delivered is committed to operational and financial transparency; we abide by all principles of flat governance, including capped salaries for our senior leaders, and we are committed to funding philanthropic initiatives that benefit humankind with a portion of all profits.  These tenets represent the foundation of our company.  Although our mission may evolve, the elements that make us what we are will never change. We celebrate your humanity and voice to contribute.