Nina has produced beautiful and affordable women’s shoes for all occasions – including special events and weddings – for more than 60 years.┬áNina footwear, among its distinguishing characteristics, is elegance. When attending special events and occasions, Nina footwear is often found among the elegant ensembles of guests and hosts. Stepping out of a limo on Prom night? Nina delivers strappy, sexy, sleek stilettos for the Prom queen to be. Floating down the aisle on your cherished wedding day? Nina provides the elegant peep toe pumps to have you gleaming toward your vows. Competing in a pageant? Nina heels will distinguish you from other would be winners by adding refined poise to your walk and talk. Women and girls alike know that, when attending a special event or occasion, a pair of Nina shoes will put them in the best light.┬áNina design extends beyond formal footwear. Nina also offers casual footwear for women and girls, including quality sandals, flats, and boots for the off duty bride and Prom or pageant queen. You can put the same faith in Nina’s day to day styles that you can in the ones for your most cherished occasions.

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