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We started the company originally because we recognize eyes have power.

Humans that believe all humans are equal with equal rights are the best humans to shape and lead humanity.    Our DNA is 99.7% the same.    It's time for all of us to embrace our similarities, not our differences.  We have too much to do to preserve humanity before its too late. 

Where your eyes go.   You click.   Where you click, someone earns revenue.  Why not "us"?

More people, more clicks, more revenue.    Then we began to turn expenses into investments by funneling our eyes through "our" affiliate relationships.   Here is an early youtube video.

Those that join us and commit to use our tools may become Premium Participants and save and share in revenue.   Premium Participants enjoy lower life costs. lower phone bills, a discount medical plan amongst other resource offerings.   We take the revenue and invest into perpetuity. 

We have over 500 humans now which gives us immense leverage already. 

This site only explains "us". 

YourPlace.Online is our portal.    Our community dashboard and social forum exist there. 

Imagine what hundreds and then thousands of people can do funneling their eyes and choices through one place for their collective benefit....forever. 

Einstein said evidently that compounding interest is the most powerful force on earth. 

We agrees on many levels. 

We are a private company and will be forever.   Interested in hearing more? 

Email or chat us up below.

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